Moving into a Healthy New Year with Cannabis


BY LIZ GOLD The Maine winter is here and with that comes shorter days and longer nights. ‘Tis the season to take advantage of spending more time at home, reflecting about the past 12 months and making plans on how we want our new year to be different. HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR NEW YEAR TO […]

Get Outside: 7 Tips for Enjoying Cannabis & CBD During the Maine Winter

POSTED BY LIZ GOLD It may be cold outside, but as Mainers we know the beauty our winter season brings. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or simply just walking in your neighborhood, getting outdoors to feel the brisk air and the bright sun can really break up the doldrums of the darkness this season brings. […]

Cannabis DIY: How to Roll Your Own


POSTED BY LIZ GOLD There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes along with rolling your own marijuana. It’s somewhat discreet, you get to decide how much flower to use, you can choose your rolling paper type, and you have total control of the process. If you haven’t picked up the skill of rolling your own, […]

Cannabis Storage: Simple Tips to Keep Your Medicine Fresh


BY LIZ GOLD Whether we’re enjoying the summer or winter months here in Maine, keeping your cannabis fresh is key to getting the most out of your medicine. This blog post will provide tips on storing your cannabis products to preserve its taste, aroma and potency. Invest in a quality storage device The best choice? Storage […]

Concentrates 101: What You Need to Know


BY LIZ GOLD Thinking About Trying Concentrates? Here’s What You Need to Know Consuming cannabis through concentrates has become increasingly popular as our industry evolves. Many patients find that just a small dab of concentrate can give them instantaneous relief from chronic pain or nausea. When it comes to concentrates, a little can go a long way. […]

DECARBOXYLATION 101: A Guide to More Effective Medicine


BY LIZ GOLD Why is decarboxylation so important in making edibles? Decarboxylation or “decarbing” your flower or kief is a critical step in producing the most potent medicine. Decarbing your marijuana (yes, it can even happen in your own oven) is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your cannabis. Though it […]

A New Era in Vaping with PAX®


BY LIZ GOLD Looking to try a new era in vaping? The Wellness Connection is pleased to partner with PAX® to provide PAX® Era vaporizing devices to dispense your medicine with discretion and consistency. Pre-filled  SimpleClick™ pods are available at the Wellness Connection in botanical and full-spectrum varieties. In this blog post, read more about these vape pens and pod systems and how […]

Adult-Use Cannabis in Maine – What to Know


BY LIZ GOLD Recreational Marijuana in Maine Maine voters may have approved to legalize the recreational use, sale and taxation of cannabis in their 2016 vote, but it’s taken the state a few years to develop the program’s perimeters. Now, new rules for adult-use cannabis in Maine have been given the green light by the State Legislature and […]

Looking for a Maine State Medical Marijuana Certification or Recertification?


BY LIZ GOLD We offer this opportunity on-site at our Wellness Connection dispensary locations. Have you been wanting to find out more about cannabis and CBD as it relates to your health? Curious about how it works but haven’t known where to go? Haven’t known who to ask? Or are you just looking to get recertified? […]

Giving Back is the WCM Way


At the Wellness Connection of Maine, it’s only natural for us to give back and get involved. We do this every day through the four attributes that define our company: reliability of product, being good-natured, trailblazing for the future, and having a personal approach in everything we do. While the cannabis industry is still new, we’ve been here since 2011, advocating for access, high-quality […]