New Maine Medical Marijuana Law Goes into Effect

By Liz Gold

Significant amendments to Maine’s Medical Marijuana Law have gone into effect as of December 13, 2018. As a patient, here’s what you need to know.

The new law will bring sweeping changes including:

● More local control. Municipalities and local legislators will now decide whether to allow cannabis-based businesses.

● Wider selection. Medical cannabis providers may sell up to 30 percent of their total amount grown to other legal providers, expanding your access and selection.

● Safer consumption. Certified medical cannabis patients will not be arrested or prosecuted for legally using cannabis.

● Improved security. Authorities will now have the right to inspect medical cannabis providers without notice.

New Maine Medical Marijuana Law Goes into Effect-Qualifying Conditions Are Gone

● Qualifying conditions are eliminated. Only you and your medical provider can decide if cannabis is right for you. That list of qualifying conditions for a card is now gone.

● Upgraded safety, testing and compliance. Under the new law, there is mandatory seed-to-sale tracking, requirements of proper labeling and dosing, stricter on-site security and more stringent bookkeeping.

New Maine Medical Marijuana Law Goes into Effect-Increased Quality Controls

● Increased protection for patients. As a patient, you may not be denied privilege by employers, schools and landlords. Maine’s medical cannabis reform preserves your rights.

● Better quality control. Allows medical testing facilities to operate and requires lab verification of label information.

● More medicine at one time. Patients will now be allowed to purchase 2.5 ounces of cannabis per transaction.

New Maine Medical Marijuana Law Goes into Effect-Expanded Access

● Expanded access to our locations. Under the new law, medical cards are not required to enter the Wellness Connection of Maine. However, you must be 21 or older unless you are a certified medical cannabis patient.

● Tighter quality control. New testing requirements streamline labeling standards for increased quality and accuracy.


For more information about how these changes impact you, or if you have any questions, contact the Wellness Connection today at (855) 848-6740.

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